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About vielife

For over 20 years, vielife has specialized in increasing the ability of individuals and organizations to be healthier, more effective and productive. We actively engage our customers around the world to make small lifestyle changes that have measurable and lasting results. Our NCQA certified solutions share a primary goal of positively influencing health related behavior in an attainable way. We can show you how better workplace wellness leads to increased energy, efficiency and greater resilience. All of which can help you to manage costs and gain competitive advantage.

With over two decades of health and wellness experience, vielife works with clients around the world helping them manage costs, improve productivity, reduce absence, and increase the overall health and wellness of their employees. vielife’s comprehensive range of wellness solutions are multi-lingual, multi-cultural, offer extensive customization opportunities with a strong wellness ROI.

Our solutions include global health risk assessments with highly personalized reporting and recommendations, online lifestyle management programs, online article library, engagement solutions, in-depth management reporting, telephone health coaching and much more.

Why choose vielife?

  • We’re global - or solutions are multi-lingual and multi-cultural and can be delivered around the world
  • NCQA certified - our health assessments and lifestyle management programs were one of the first to achieve National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Certification
  • Proactive account management – We work with you to ensure we find the solution that best suits your needs
  • Engagement strategies that work – We make sure that we use the best strategy for your organization to drive participation and maximize your return on investment
  • The total solution – Our health hub can integrate our services with your existing health and wellness strategy
  • Measurable – Our assessment and reporting capabilities enable you to identify your organization’s wellness needs and measure the impact of employee health programs
  • Flexible – Our services are flexible and can be adapted. From re-branding to adding assessment questions, we will meet your health and wellness needs
  • Personalized service – The journey and content an individual experiences is driven by the profile of the participant and their personal health and wellness needs
  • Research and development - as an organization we are passionate about health and wellness and are constantly improving our solution by keeping on top of research and development in the health and wellness industry

Why choose vielife? Our wellness solutions work for you.