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The new vielife mobile app of daily challenges is a fun and simple way to get individuals engaged with their health and wellbeing. Based on the four pillars of health (stress, sleep, nutrition and physical activity), the app educates around small healthy lifestyle changes and gives practical tips as to how to implement them.

“Our goal is to motivate people to make healthy lifestyle changes in a fun and engaging way. Through daily challenges and health tips we encourage behavior change and help participants maintain momentum on their path to improving their health.”



How does it work?

Step 1

Shake your phone for a random challenge based on sleep, stress, activity or nutrition.


Press start and watch the circle shuffle through health topics. Choose your speed by moving the slider closer to the turtle or the hare. Press stop to pick the topic you like best!


Step 2

Accept your challenge and select the date you want to complete the challenge on the calendar.  You will also get some tips of how to complete the challenge and a health fact.


Examples of challenges

Cut out coffee after 3pm

Coffee can give you that energy kick in less than 15 minutes, but the buzzy effect can last up to 12 hours! Cut it out after lunch to help your body process it before bedtime.

How to do it tip: Swap to decaffeinated teas and coffees, drink herbal teas and lots of water instead.

Have a veggie-day

Try being a vegetarian for the day! Don’t worry; you won’t go hungry if you stock up on plenty of vegetables and healthy whole grains!

How to do it tip: Plan your meals for the day and find veggie-friendly alternatives to meat. If you want to keep your protein levels up, try kidney beans, eggs, spinach and broccoli.


Step 3

Complete your challenge to earn medals and unlock your virtual achievement tab.


Step 4

 Invite your friends and share your achievements through Twitter, Facebook and more!


The benefits:

  • A simple and fun way to educate participants around small healthy lifestyle changes
  • Engaging on an individual and social level

Some key features:

  • Available on iPhone and Android devices
  • Healthy facts around the challenge
  • Tips of how to complete the challenge
  • Medals- upon completion of each challenge
  • Text reminders – participants will receive a reminder to select a challenge in the morning and also receive a reminder if they haven’t completed their challenge by 3pm
  • Can share through Twitter, Facebook and more


Download now on AppStore or Google Play »

Engaging corporate wellness