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In an increasingly competitive landscape global health and wellness capabilities have never been more important. At vielife we understand that your global population is critical to your organization yet comes with unique needs and requirements. Delivering consistent and relevant global health and wellness experiences is challenging on many levels. This is why our global wellness solutions have been designed with locally relevant integration in mind.

Our multi-lingual, multi-cultural wellness solutions can be offered to your global populations. Each of those locations can also integrate their local programs and services in one centralized location on a country by country basis. This benefit provides global reach with local impact. Additionally, this level of expertise allows vielife to help you increase local relevance by providing participants in those programs and services with appropriate next step recommendations.

The use of quality global wellness research is integral to everything that we do at vielife. We published our first Research Compendium in 2004 and continue publishing today.



Multi-lingual, multi-cultural wellness solutions

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Global wellness research: the vielife Compendium of Research Evidence 2011.